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Remington SP 19 Titanium MicroFlex Replacement Heads and Cutters for Titanium Microflex Rotary Shavers, Models R-950, R-960, Black

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>>> Remington SP 19 Titanium MicroFlex <<<

Remington SP 19 Titanium MicroFlex

Feature :

  • Titanium-coated blades
  • Dual Track cutters
  • Quickly and easily clicks into shaver
  • Washable head
  • Premium Chrome finish

Details :

Restore your shaver to peak performance with this 360-Degree Pivot and Flex Replacement Head.

Featuring all the technological advancements of our shavers, the replacement has full floating heads, dual-track cutters and long-lasting, titanium-coated blades which combine to improve glide across your skin and create an exceptionally close shave.

The one-piece, click-in design makes replacing the head a snap.

Thanks to the clever open design, debris falls away from cutters and makes for easier cleaning.

Cutters for Titanium Microflex Shavers: R-950, R-960, R-970, R-830, R-835, R-842, R-843, R-845, R-850, R-956, R-860, R-870, R-872, R-875, R-890, R-950, R-960 and R200s. 

The Replacement Has Full Floating Heads, Dual-track Cutters And Long-lasting, Titanium-coated Blades Which Combine To Improve Glide Across Your Skin